Saturday, June 7, 2014

Segmentation What & Why Defined - Harvard Business School Publishing & New Product Blueprinting

I am always on the look out for helpful definitions, that bring clarity to a concept versus obscurity.

Here is a simple one page overview on segmentation that I find useful when trying to share this concept with others.

Here is an overview from New Product Blueprinting, tailored to B2B market research/new product development. An excellent how-to manual on developing breakthrough products for B2B markets, that gives step-by-step guidance.
This is a sample chart from the book, which enables you to effectively segment markets and prioritize them, so that you can focus your qualitative research efforts on your best-guess target markets to win in.

And finally, here is a pretty useful and easy-to-understand overview of 3 main types of B2B segmentation:
  • industry/firmographic (akin to demogrphaic segmentation for B2C markets)
  • customer tiering (focusing in size of prize and fit of your value proposition)
  • needs based (grouping by needs, however these companies will be across industries and appear very heterogeneous)