Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Few Items I Learned or Realized at Social Fresh Baltimore

In no order in particular...
  • I totally forgot to look at Google Analytics to see what % of our site traffic is mobile at Community Analytics. (Whew, just checked, not many mobile visitors, but a clear difference in pages read and average time on site.)
  • Windows (mobile) is back on top...well will be soon.
  •!/search-advanced is super helpful.
  • Wow! There are a lot of email campaigns and websites that are not optimized for mobile - like the Jet Blue email I received yesterday and its website listing the $44 flight deals.
  • Good suggestion from one of the speakers to get more press - stop writing releases and start sending interesting stories to the press that you want coverage from.
  • Wearing argyle pants, if you are presenting for your company named Argyle, is a good way to get people to pay attention!
  • When getting started with social media - take a little time to experiment, but make sure to end the experiment and set social strategy, based upon expected results.
  • Social media can be tied to actual ROI.
  • Best anecdote of the conference was from Hubspot: A woman called in to complain about receiving many text messages without providing Hubspot with her number. Turns out she had followed Hubspot on twitter and could not tell the difference between her twitter feed and sms.
  • Companies are challenged to produce great content, media has great content and needs money...I'm guessing someone smart will soon establish a marketplace.
  • Charmin now brands the Sit or Squat app.
  • If you say "Tar", Siri says "Heels".
  • A good few criteria for evaluating business partnerships is 1. brand alignment, 2. demographic or segment alignment, 3. strategic alignment or non competition, and 4. established value for both sides of the partnership.
  • People in the industry are actually getting paid to manage social media without clear accountability or specific expected results.
  • I am not sure I am the marcom type, but I like being in a room full of spiffy dressers.
  • And, apparently Chris Brogan name dropping at the end of 2011 is still cool.

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