Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What To Do with Business Articles Like These?

I read the "Are You a Level-Six Leader" early this AM by Mitch Maidique on the HBS Working Knowledge blog. I find it intersting and then I ask myself, really what are its implications aside from maybe coercing me into a conversation with myself about which types I am, for the most part. But who would want to admit that they are anythink less than Level 6.

An assessment test, and some suggestions on professional growth would be perhaps more helpful. But sometimes I wonder if about the culture of business learning - BNET, HBS articles that do not lay out applications or activities to put ideas into action, and other sources of busines info. Are these learning resources really helping me work with my team to develop better products and services that do an even better job of meeting real needs and making the world a better place. (Had to work in a Level 6 comment somewhere :).)

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