Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clementine, making a difference for Baltimore Foodies.

Clementine is my favorite restaurant in Baltimore and has been for a few years now.  It feels incredibly authentic, even with the growth they have experienced.  I have fond memories of when they were only in the one room, when they were still BYOB and you had to squeeze yourself in at the little bar in the back, because that was the only place left to sit.

They are active supporters of the local community and of quality food providers.  The restaurant often holds events to benefit something.

I wanted to note a few things they are doing beyond the restaurant itself.

Green Onion will be opening soon - a food market in the Hamilton area that will sell some of Clementine's food, as well as produce and meats. They also promise "a glorious eight-foot case of the finest cheeses known to humankind."

Clementine is also behind Chili Winter Days at the Boordy Vineyards.  Check here for a list of dates to find out when you can have a warm glass of Wassail and a nice bowl of chili at the vineyard.

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